Submitting an Online Application for the 2018 Foundation Quality Improvement Award

Information for the 2018 QI Award will be available beginning in mid-July 2017

Please read the following section on Documents You'll Need so that you can complete these items and have them ready on your computer before you begin filling out the application.

Documents You'll Need to Include with Your Submission

The following documents need to be submitted with your application. Please complete them before beginning your submission making note of where on your computer you've placed them as the application form will ask you to browse and selected these files.

  • Applicant's Curriculum Vitae: Your curriculum vitae;
  • Facility Administrator's Sponsorship Letter: The sponsorship letter from the facility administrator where project will be conducted must be signed by the facility medical director if the applicant is not a medical director. The letter should affirm the facility’s commitment to the project, his/her willingness to support your involvement in this project, and his/her agreement to disperse funds in accordance with the award guidelines outlined in the program brochure. If the applicant is not a medical director, please have the facility’s medical director also sign the facility administrator letter.
  • AMDA Member Sponsorship Letter: A sponsorship letter from an AMDA member sponsoring the application is necessary if the applicant is not an AMDA member. The letter should address the sponsor's level of involvement in the project.
  • Foundation QI Awards Project Proposal: This document includes the objectives, research design, methodology, and expected performance outcomes of your proposal. A ready made form, which you can fill out and submit with your application can be downloaded from the following link:

    Foundation QI Awards Project Proposal

  • Foundation QI Awards Detailed Budget: This document addresses justification for expenses, including materials, travel to the LTC Medicine-2015 ($1,500), and in-kind support from the facility (if any). A ready made form, which you can fill out and submit with your application can be downloaded from the following link:

    Foundation QI Awards Detailed Budget

The above documents should be one of the following types: MS Word (doc or docx); PDF (pdf); MS Excel (xls or xlsx); MS Powerpoint (ppt or pptx); Text (txt); and ZIP (zip). The maximum file size for any document submitted with your application must not exceed 6,144 KB in size (6 megabytes).

Please contact us if you need any assistance with creating and uploading your documents.

Internet Explorer Users:

We recommended that you submit our forms using a modern compliant browser such as an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and avoid using MS Internet Explorer, especially older versions, which present some compatibility problems.