2017 Award Recipient Matthew S. Wayne, MD, CMD

2017 Award Recipient Matthew S. Wayne, MD, CMD and Paul Katz, MD, CMD
Matthew S. Wayne, MD, CMD; Paul Katz, MD, CMD

About Matthew S. Wayne, MD, CMD

Dr. James Pattee was a visionary and pioneer who saw learning and education as lifetime pursuits. His great passion about education led to the establishment of the Certified Medical Direction and Core Curriculum program. Dr. Matt Wayne has always shared Dr. Pattee’s passion for teaching and learning, so it only fitting that he should receive this year’s James Pattee Award for Excellence in Education.

Since he first joined the Society in 1999, Matt has been active in the organization as a servant volunteer. In 2012-2013, he served as President. More recently, he was co-chair of the Competency Development Committee; and along with Dr. Paul Katz and others he was a driving force behind the Competencies Curriculum and an online training program developed to support the competencies and disseminate education on cornerstones of knowledge needed to practice as an attending physician in post-acute and long-term care. This has been a ‘labor of love,’ he says; and, from the start, it was designed to mirror what Dr. Pattee did with the CMD and Core Curriculum. From the beginning, he has a vision. He said in 2011, “By defining a strong PA/LC curriculum, we can provide a complete and balanced education program that addresses the entire skill set necessary to practice quality medicine and be an effective member of the interprofessional team.”

In addition to his long service to the national Society, Matt has been active on the state level. From 2007 to 2009, he was president of the Ohio Medical Directors Association. And he has spoken at dozens of regional, state, and local conferences and programs. He is an avid Cleveland and Ohio State sports fan and a devoted husband and father.

It is my pleasure to introduce Matt Wayne, winner of the 2017 James Pattee Award for Excellence in Education.

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