2017 Award Recipient Jonathan Musher, MD, CMD

Jonathan Musher, MD, CMD; Paul Katz, MD, CMD
Jonathan Musher, MD, CMD; Paul Katz, MD, CMD

About Jonathan Musher, MD, CMD

Our Society’s founder, Dr. Billy Dodd, had a vision for our profession, and Dr. Jonathan Musher eagerly picked up that gauntlet and has run successfully with it for years. Dr. Dodd would be proud today to see Jon receive the William Dodd Founder’s award.

Currently, Jon is medical director of The Village at Rockville in Maryland. He also is chair of family medicine for Suburban Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine, and he maintains a private practice in adult medicine and geriatrics. He is well known and respected in his community, but he is an icon in the Society.

He served as Society president from 1998 to 1999. He coined the expression “hooked on AMDA” during his presidential acceptance speech, which caught the spirit of how he and others felt about their professional ‘home.’ He traveled to many states and supported the growth of several new state chapters. Jon was Chair of the Society Foundation from 2004 to 2010, during which time the organization grew and thrived.

As if these milestones weren’t enough, he also served as Chair of the House of Delegates and Public Policy and Clinical Practice Committee chair. He organized the consensus conferences to develop the first clinical practice guidelines, and he worked tirelessly to finalize those documents. He also was first president of the Maryland Medical Directors Association. Additionally, he was the Society’s representative to the White House Conference on Aging.

Like most great leaders, Jon has touched many, many lives. He has inspired others to pursue careers and volunteer opportunities. Off the clock, he is a dedicated family man.

Please join me in congratulating Jon on winning this honor.

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