2016 Award Recipient Karyn Panneton Leible, MD, CMD

Karyn Panneton Leible, MD, CMD; Paul Katz, MD, CMD
Karyn Panneton Leible, MD, CMD; Paul Katz, MD, CMD

About Karyn Panneton Leible, MD, CMD

AMDA founder Billy Dodd would be proud to see Karyn Leible receive the award named after him. She embodies all of the qualities he admired in a physician and a colleague.

Dr. Leible started her career as a nursing assistant, went on to become a registered nurse, then completed medical school and became a physician and medical director.

While serving as AMDA President, Dr. Leible had a clear vision of the future and a passion for serving AMDA’s members, she took the organization to the next level in terms of programming, advocacy, partnerships, and more.

Elsewhere, she has authored numerous papers and presented programs to many audiences. An expert on quality improvement, she speaks on this and other topics at AMDA Core Curriculum programs, annual conferences, and webinars. She’s been quoted in numerous articles on this and other topics, and she is never too busy to talk to a reporter, colleague, student, or anyone else about AMDA.

As a practitioner and clinical leader, Dr. Leible has been a passionate advocate for culture change and person-centered care. She has initiated programs to improve care and reduce the incidence of infectious diseases and antipsychotic use. Every day, she works to maximize quality, promote innovation, and provide the best, most compassionate care for our nation’s elders.

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