Foundation Strategic Plan 2015

Mission Statement: To advance the quality of life for persons in post-acute/long-term care (PA/LTC) through inspiring, educating and recognizing future and current health care professionals.

Value Proposition: The  Foundation supports the quality care and quality of life of residents in post-acute/long-term care continuum (nursing home, assisted living facility, etc) by educating health care practitioners, fostering research, mobilizing worldwide expertise and providing public education.  We bring value to residents and families as the Foundation of choice for post-acute/long-term care medicine. 

Goal 1: Educate, mentor, inspire and recognize future and current post-acute/long-term care (PA/LTC) health professionals.

  • Enhance, refine and expand the Futures Program.
  • Seek and educate mid-career practitioners about post-acute/long-term care through participation in the Futures Program.
  • Recognize the outstanding post-acute/long-term care AMDA members and facilities through the Excellence Awards and Quality Improvement Award programs.

Goal 2: Advance quality and improve care through the application of post-acute/long-term care (PA/LTC) research

  • Inform a post-acute/long-term care research agenda.
  • Facilitate and encourage research in post-acute/long-term care

Goal 3:  To enhance the global awareness and best practices in post-acute/long-term (PA/LTC) care.

  • Identify opportunities for international collaboration in education and research

Goal 4: Establish financial stewardship

  • Implement an ongoing development plan to obtain donations, grants, market research, gifting, endowments and sponsorships to the Foundation.

Goal 5: Public Education

  • Inform the general public about quality post-acute/long-term care.